9 Best Online FaceSwap Tools | Our Top Picks

Ever wondered if you could change your face to look like your favorite music star? Or perhaps swap your features with a beloved pet? Seems impossible? Well, not anymore! There are plenty of the best online FaceSwap tools that make it easier than ever to play with your appearance. Using advanced AI technology, these apps provide a fun way to experiment with different looks and even swap faces with friends or celebrities without any hassle. However, if you are wondering which FaceSwap tool to choose for your creative endeavors, we have you covered. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 9 best online FaceSwap tools along with their key features. So, let’s dig in!

What is FaceSwap Technology?

FaceSwap technology utilizes computer vision and machine learning algorithms to swap faces on images and videos. At its core, FaceSwap technology is a subset of Deepfake technology, and it works by training neural networks to recognize specific patterns in data.

How? Well, to create a FaceSwap, you’ve to provide pictures and images of a target person (whose face will be swapped) and a source person (whose face will replace the target.) The neural network is then trained on this data, and it learns the characteristics like facial features and expressions from the given data. Once the model is trained, it performs the swapping!

Benefits of FaceSwap Tools

The benefits of FaceSwap tools are many, such as:

  • Entertainment: FaceSwap tools allow you to swap your faces with celebrities, friends, and family, paving the way for a fun family time.
  • Creative Projects: These tools also boost your creativity, and they are even used in movies and shows to bring many characters to life.

9 Best Online FaceSwap Tools

Here are some of the best online FaceSwap tools that you can consider for your needs:

Fakeface — Overall Best

The first option on our list of the best online FaceSwap tools is Fakeface. This incredible tool allows you to create personalized swaps on everything from photos to videos and GIFs. It has an efficient AI model and unique agile computing features that provide you with the desired swaps with 5X more speed than other tools of this category. Every swap that you make using Fakeface.io undergoes hundreds of technical iterations to ensure the end results are free from any blurriness and distortion. The best part? It doesn’t require any software installation or complex setup; simply open the tool on your mobile or desktop and make swaps right away.


  • Online Playback: Easily view your face swap creations online anytime, anywhere.
  • High Resolution: Supports resolution as high as 1080p for a clear and enhanced quality swap.
  • Invitation Rewards: Invite friends and earn unlimited discount vouchers for even more fun.
  • Intuitive Interface: It has an intuitive interface and is easy to use, making it suitable for even beginners.
  • Enhanced Privacy: All the images or videos created in it are protected and are away from the reach of hackers.
  • Supports Various Media: Allows swaps on a variety of media files ranging from videos and pics to even GIFs, something which isn’t available on many other platforms.
  • Affordable Pricing: Offers a one-time payment option, which makes it quite affordable and keeps you away from the hassle of subscription renewal.


  • Limited Usage: Only limited to FaceSwapping and doesn’t provide advanced editing features.

Pricing: The pricing structure of Fakeface is very affordable as the platform offers you a one-time payment plan instead of annoying subscriptions for a specific time period. You have the freedom to purchase the precise quantity of credits you need for the project, and there are no automatic deductions from your account like that in subscriptions.


Next, one of the best online FaceSwap tools is DeepSwap. Allowing you to change around 6 faces in a group photo or video, the versatility of this tool is on another level. Not only this, but it also allows you to experiment with your creativity on videos, GIFs, and pictures. It also offers plenty of editing features, which means you can use it to remove any unwanted objects from a picture or video. If you are into meme-making, DeepSwap makes it possible for you to swap your friends’ faces on popular memes to have a fun experience. It’s not a free app, but the credits you buy on a mobile app can also be used on the web.


  • Data Protection: Just like every other prominent tool, it has an SSL certificate, which means all your data and personal information are protected.
  • AI Editing Features: The AI model enables you to remove and edit any aspect of the

swapped image.

  • AI Background Changer: Smoothly changes the background of videos and images using AI technology, ensuring accurate transitions.


  • Expensive: It’s costly compared to other alternatives, which may not be suitable if you are on a low budget.
  • No Free Trial: Users don’t get a free trial to experiment with its features.

Pricing: DeepSwap pricing starts from $9.99/month for the first month, but from the second month, you’ll have to pay $19.99/month.

Icons8 FaceSwapper

Icons8 FaceSwapper is one of our top choices of best online FaceSwap tools as it swaps faces of up to 1024*1024 px in size, all while preserving its quality. You can use this app to change faces with anyone, from friends and family to popular celebrities. Besides, it allows you to integrate your face into popular memes to create memorable experiences. The tool is efficient in swapping group photo faces, and if your pictures are covered with accessories or beards, it still offers top-notch swaps. There’s a Skin Beautifier feature that easily fixes skin imperfections, making your photo look flawless.


  • High-Quality Face Swapping: Icons8 FaceSwapper excels in swapping faces of up to 1024x1024 px in size while preserving image quality.
  • Versatile Face Swapping: Easily swap faces with anyone, including friends, family, or celebrities, and integrate them into popular memes for memorable experiences.
  • Skin Beautifier: Its Skin Beautifier feature fixes imperfections, ensuring flawless photos.


  • Limited Swapping in Free Version: The free version only swaps three faces per group photo.

Pricing: Icons8 FaceSwapper is priced at $19/month, which is high compared to other options. However, you can use its 3-day free trial to access some swapping features.


HeyEditor is another incredible name from the list of the best online FaceSwap tools using advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms to provide users with unique video and photo editing features. It’s an easy-to-use tool with no learning curve, so you can easily swap faces and features. There’s an amazing feature in HeyEditor that changes your photos into animes, allowing you to create customized photo designs. But this isn’t all - the platform also has a Photo Enhancer feature that increases the resolution and details of every image and video, giving 100% high-quality output. The terms and conditions of HeyEditor entail that users’ privacy is their first priority, keeping all your data safe.


  • Anime Transformation: Transform your photos into animes, allowing for customized and creative photo designs.
  • Photo Enhancer: Boosts the resolution and details of every image and video, ensuring 100% high-quality output for your edited content.
  • Privacy Priority: Prioritizes users’ privacy, ensuring that all data is kept safe and secure according to its terms and conditions.


  • No Mobile App: HeyEditor doesn’t have a mobile app, which means you’ve to perform swaps on the website.
  • Low Accuracy: The accuracy of its FaceSwaps is low compared to other tools.

Pricing: HeyEditor pricing is around $19.99/month.

Artguru Swap Face

Another fantastic FaceSwap tool is the Artguru Swap Face. It’s a free tool that lets you create realistic or hilariously whacky swaps. You can swap your face with celebrities in movies, memes, and even iconic paintings. What’s really astounding is that Artguru Swap Face can easily swap up to 5 faces in a photo. Simply drop your group photo, select the faces you want to swap, and wait for Artguru to do its magic. The overall interface is suitable for both beginners and professionals and caters to the needs of a wide range of audiences, from content creators to digital artists and educators.


  • Versatility: Whether you’ve to create an art project or just want some fun, this tool is for everything.
  • Saves Time: FaceSwaps are done within seconds, saving you plenty of time.
  • User-friendly: Suitable for both professionals and beginners due to its simple and intuitive design.


  • Internet Dependency: Artguru Swap Face requires a stable internet connection to swap your photos.
  • Low Quality: Sometimes, swapping faces into art pieces results in unnatural and low-quality output.

Pricing: Fortunately, the Artguru Swap Face is available for free, giving you credits daily, which means you’ll have to pay $0 to create unique swaps. However, it’s only limited to a few swaps and even asks for buying extra credits during swaps.

Pica AI Face Swap

Pica AI Face Swap is among the best online FaceSwap tools in 2024 and is available for free. It has an AI face generator that quickly replaces faces with preset photos available online. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence to generate speedy and quite efficient swaps. In addition, it’s suitable for both professional and personal use regardless of your technical expertise.


  • Deepfake Technology: Using AI Deepfake technology, this tool provides clear and high-quality swaps.
  • Speedy: It takes less than a few seconds to detect the facial features and quickly replicate them in your photos.
  • No Learning Curve: There’s little to no learning curve, and it caters to professional and personal project needs.


  • Stable Internet: A stable internet connection is required for proper functioning.
  • Limited Features: While AI ensures accurate results, there may be scenarios where error occurs in face detection.

Pricing: Just like the Artguru Swap Face, the Pics AI Face Swap is available for free. However, credit limitation here also requires you to buy the premium version to use it at its fullest.


Faceswapper.ai is an AI-powered platform that quickly swaps faces on images and GIFs. To start swapping on this tool, you need two images, preferably zoomed in, for clarity in output. Once you’ve followed the on-screen directions and gotten your swap, it’ll automatically be saved for viewing later. Moreover, you can download the swapped photo or GIF in the jpg format. Besides swaps, this tool allows you to experiment with your social media profiles by tweaking them a little. For instance, if you upload a profile photo, you’ll get 12 different outputs, each featuring various backgrounds and elements. This is especially helpful if you are a social media manager handling various accounts.


  • Multiple Headshots: Generates multiple headshots with its Magic Avatar feature.
  • GIF Swapping: Offers free GIF swapping for a fun activity with friends and colleagues.
  • Quick: It takes only 5 to 10 seconds to generate a swap, making it speedy and efficient.


  • Low Precision: Outputs or swaps given by this tool lack little precision, so they are only suitable for light and fun projects.

Pricing: Faceswapper.ai offers a free plan with 10 credits a day; however, if you want to experiment more, the pricing starts from $29/year.


The next on our list of best online FaceSwap tools is Reface, famous for its excellent swapping capabilities powered by a robust AI.

The app is known for its variety of exciting features. You can use it to swap your faces with your favorite sportsperson or other celebrities from the entertainment industry. It also enables you to create AI headshots, which take the hassle of editing your profile picture for social media platforms. The true difference of this tool from others is its ability to provide you with the opportunity to change hairstyles. Yes, it’s true! Whether you want a braid or are looking to make your hair luxuriously long, its AI generator can do all.


  • Top Quality Swaps: Uses AI Deepfake technology to come up with high-quality and good resolution swaps.
  • Extensive Templates: Many templates are available so you can seamlessly make unique swaps for a great experience.
  • Hairstyle Change: Has a hairstyle change feature to switch your hair and experiment with different looks.


  • Privacy Concerns: The app operates on a cloud system, which raises privacy concerns among users.
  • Watermarks: Free version edited videos have a watermark that looks unpleasant.

Pricing: The pricing of Reface Unbiring products is quite low, starting from $3.08/month and going as high as $5.99/month.

Pixble Faceswapper

The last option on our list of the best online FaceSwap tools is the Pixble Faceswapper. This tool has hype for its extraordinarily precise and compelling Deepfake imagery, and rightly so! It uses Artificial Intelligence technology to map out the structure and other details of the images provided. After that, it gives amazing 3D replacements or swaps that look very realistic. The standout feature of Pixble is its ability to work on images taken sideways or of poor quality, generating convincing results. You can get the API of Pixble Faceswapper and integrate it within your existing system to get plenty of swaps within seconds.


  • 3D Replacements: Offers 3D face replacements to make your photos accurate.
  • Fast Delivery: Its system works on advanced AI models, and the average output delivery time is 1 minute.
  • API integration: API is ready to integrate into your system so you can automatically process multiple images.


  • Less Editing Options: It serves well for FaceSwapping but may not be suitable for advanced editing needs.

Pricing: There’s a free trial available for Pixble Faceswapper; however, the pricing starts from $4.99, with a maximum plan priced at $15.99.

Buying Guide for Best Online FaceSwap Tools

If you are on the lookout for the best online FaceSwap tools, you must consider this buying guide to make sure you get the right one:

Assess Your Needs

First things first, when purchasing the best online FaceSwap tools, you should understand your needs. Are you only going to use the tool for face swapping? Or do you need other features like editing and photo enhancers? Once you have an idea of what you need, you can then start evaluating various options.


Make sure the best online FaceSwap tools you choose are user-friendly with little to no learning curve. This is especially important if you are purchasing a FaceSwap tool for your editing agency where employees lack expert-level technical skills.

Privacy and Security

Privacy is another important factor to consider when selecting the best online FaceSwap tools. The platform you choose must adhere to strict privacy policies to ensure the output data and input information stay safe.

Cost Consideration

When searching for FaceSwap tools, it’s crucial to consider the cost. Opt for tools that align with your budget while still offering the features you need. For this, you should keep in mind any additional fees or subscription models associated with the tool to avoid any unexpected expenses down the line. However, a cost-saving option can be opting for a one-time payment for a lifetime subscription.

Free Trial

Before finalizing or making a commitment, take advantage of any free trial offers available for online FaceSwap tools. This allows you to test the tool’s functionality, performance, and user interface without any financial obligation.


Today, the market is filled with plenty of the best online FaceSwap tools, and choosing the right one feels like finding a needle in a haystack. Some top options we have listed are Fakeface.io, Reface, Pixble Faceswapper, Faceswapper.ai, and more. However, our favorite pick is Fakeface.io, which is not only affordable but provides a myriad of unique features ranging from high-resolution (1080p) images to online and offline playback functionality. This platform also offers you rewards when you invite your friends. You only need to pay once, and then you can enjoy it forever without spending a penny.